Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Preview of THA3: Underwater Salvage

 Here's the first preview of Treasure Hunter Adventures 3: Underwater Salvage, which is in the final stages of editing. This is a map of the world, marked with the locations of ten different lost ships or fleets, or sunken cities, for treasure hunters to pursue. 


Lost Ships and Sunken Cities

Over 70% of the Earth is covered by water, and countless sailing vessels have succumbed to the oceans' cold embrace during people's long history. What is more, numerous settlements have also been drowned by the seas' mercurial changes. Refer to the map above for estimated locations of the following lost ships and sunken cities.

1. Spanish Treasure Fleet

In 1523, following the conquest of the Aztec capital by forces led by Hernan Cortes, a trio of Spanish galleons set sail from the New World bound for Spain; they carried looted gold, silver, gems, and other valuables—including, it is believed, the weapon known as Xiuhcoatl, which had been taken from the Aztec ruler Moctezuma himself. Those vessels were attacked by a French corsair named Jean Fleury near the Azores, however, and at least one ship is believed to have been sunk during that battle.

2. Templar Treasure Fleet

3. Mongol Invasion Fleets

4. The Bonhomme Richard

5. La Santa Maria

6. Endurance

7. Port Royal

8. Thera

9. Alexandria

10. Yonaguni

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