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Riot and Ruin

This supplement is designed for use with the 1st Edition of the Pathfinder roleplaying game, using the Aetherial Adventures setting; it sets up a series of scenarios based around the notion that the heroes of the Godharp Saga campaign fail to stop the demons' plot to devastate Homeworld, thereby leaving the planet devastated and overrun. 

Texts for Reference
To find an overview of the adventures in the Godsharp Saga, refer to the following article from the d20 Pirates blog.

There's an old saying that no GM's plot ever survives contact with the PCs. Building on that premise, this supplement works on the assumption that the heroes who participated in the events of the Godsharp Saga failed in their efforts to stop Nora the succubus and her demonic allies from laying waste to much of Homeworld.

A “Points of Light” Style of Campaign
The starting premise of this campaign is that Homeworld has been overrun by the demons. As such, it's an awful place in which to live. Even so, there's plenty of opportunity for heroes to find adventure in such a setting. Indeed, it's a world in which isolated bastions of civilization and hope remain in a world that is otherwise filled with villains and monsters. While the situation is undeniably dire, it is also a time in which those who are bold, skillful and lucky can win tremendous glory.

The Powers That Be
At this time, the demons and their allies are the unquestioned conquerors of Homeworld. After all, they control the Godsharp, and all others are at their mercy. Detailed below are suggestions for how other factions from the Aetherial Adventures setting have fared during recent developments.
  • The Church of Ptah is the first target of the demons, since its clerics know the most about the history of the Godsharp and how it can be wielded. As such, their temple in the Holy City is destroyed first.
  • Among other factions, the Cult of the Void and the Disciples of the Destroyer are likely to become allies of the demons, given their bent toward death, evil and chaos.
  • Such is also the case with the troglodytes of Tyr, who also worship Lamashtu and could begin expanding their empire.
  • The Sol Society and Guardians are staunch enemies of the demons, since they embody freedom and goodness, and so would be the next foes targeted.
  • Conversely, the Navigators are a faction that might be recruited by the demons because they can provide information about the other organizations, even if their members feel conflicted about cooperating in such a way.
  • As long as they cooperated with the demons, such as by hauling supplies for them, members of the Royal Interplanetary Company might also become allies.
  • Those who belong to the Order of the Lion are not likely to agree with such an arrangement, however.
  • On other worlds, the Dwarven Mining Guild might be recruited to craft weapons and armor for the demons, while the Elven Navy would stand against them.
  • Similarly, the giants of Wodan are likely allies, while some of the genies from Freya—notably the efreet—could ally themselves.
  • The Freebooters' Fellowship is a wild card that could go either way in this conflict.
Places of Interest
The scenarios of the Godsharp Saga provide plenty of locations that can be used for adventures, including the following possibilities.
  • Claw Island, along with the trading fort and tomb located on it (from Out of the Blue), could become a bastion of resistance for those who wish to oppose the demons.
  • Starfort Station (from Among the Stars) could hold out for some time, but the demons would eventually target it using the Godsharp. They would also seek to gain control of the interstellar portals that the elves have hidden among the rings of Kronos.
  • Depending on how the Interplanetary Company casts its allegiance, the Crossroads asteroid colony (from At a Crossroads)could be a staging point for the demons' aetherships, or another place where the PCs and others can stage their resistance.
  • The troglodytes's ziggurat on Tyr (from Beneath the Sands) becomes a major stronghold of the demons, a place from which they launch attacks on foes in the asteroid belt and beyond.
  • The center of the demons' power on Homeworld is the labyrinth on the Island of the Minotaurs in the Middle Sea (from Beyond the Pale), and the portal to the Abyss remains open there.
  • With the Holy City in ruins following the demons' attack, it could be overrun by undead created and commanded by Cyril the necromancer, who use the ruined Temple of Ptah and its catacombs as their base of operations (also from Beyond the Pale).
In the same way, the Gazetteer of Homeworld provides additional options.
  • As mentioned above, the giant strongholds on Wodan and the floating genie island of Freya could be places where the PCs find friends or foes.
  • The pristine forests of Arcadia and the desert wastes to the south of the Middle Sea can provide havens for those who fight against the demons.
  • The Barbarian Lands and, beyond them, the Eastern Kingdoms, are places where the PCs might seek allies to aid in their fight—provided they can convince those others of the threat the demons represent beyond the vicinity of the Middle Sea.
  • Humanoids and giants from the mountains beyond the Northern Kingdom would likely go on the rampage and offer their allegiance to the demons in exchange for aid and—more importantly—plunder.
  • In the asteroid belt, the Grotto serve as a valuable hideout, and the mobile facilities of the Dwarven Mining Guild would serve well to bolster any naval force that's being assembled by the resistance.
Planetary Ecologies Revisited
The encounter tables provided on pages 15-19 in the Gazetteer of the Sol System can be used to provide ideas for populating different locations with monsters. Just match the table with the appropriate region on Homeworld or other planet for ideas of level-appropriate foes that the PCs might encounter there. Those, then, can be used to “stock the dungeon” in some of the places of interest mentioned above. 

Note, too, that certain types of creatures not included on the regional tables for Homeworld can also come into play. This is especially true of the undead, which would be drawn to the power of Cyril the necromancer in his stronghold amid the ruins of the Holy City. Additionally, the minotaurs might begin experimenting with building different types of constructs, especially if they can be powered by infernal means.

Plot Hooks
Finally, here are some more suggestions for plot hooks and other story elements from which to build adventures.
  • The defeated PCs from the Godsharp Saga—those who survived that ordeal—would become important NPCs in this campaign.
  • More powerful demons would also likely travel to this plane and Homeworld in order to help take command of the ruined planet. While they provide even deadlier foes for the PCs, their presence could also lead to infighting and other intrigues.
  • In order to build their empire on Homeworld, the demons would seek to enslave any who possess useful skills.
  • At the start of the campaign the PCs could be part of the crew on a ship that works for the demons, or—even worse—could have been enslaved by them. As they go about their work, then, they witness just how terrible their employers or masters are, but then have a chance to free themselves from such onerous work.
  • The campaign might even begin during a stopover in the little port town of Alcudi, the same place where the events of the Godsharp Saga began.
  • Gathering together the scattered remnants of groups devastated by the sudden onslaught, as well as overcoming with diplomacy any differences between them, is a vital part of organizing any large-scale resistance against the demons.
  • At the same time, providing food and water for larger groups in this newly devastated land presents a challenge in its own right.
  • The demons and their allies would jealously guard the skies around Homeworld as well as access to aetherships of any kind, making overland travel slow and dangerous, and the acquisition of ships crucial.
  • All the while, too, the demons would continue to utilize the Godsharp as a potent weapon against locations in which their enemies dwell, especially if there is a sizable force massing against them.
  • The demons would also send their agents to hunt the PCs and, if they are able to discover their identities, any loved ones that the PCs might have.
  • Given the scope of this catastrophe, good outsiders such as the azata and possibly even angels could become involved in this conflict.
  • In order to defeat the demons once and for all, then, the PCs must raid each of the fiends' numerous lairs, as well as those of their allies; close the portal that is providing access to this plane of existence; secure the Godsharp so that it cannot be wielded against the forces of the Sol System; and then slay any remaining demons, especially those who have taken command of their evil forces.

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