Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Elven Star Fort

Of all the spacefaring peoples, the long lifespans of the elves make them best suited to exploring the mysteries of the aether and the worlds that drift through it. For that reason, their outposts are the most common throughout aetherspace. Detailed below is a typical example of one of their star-shaped forts. Refer to the map for the following area descriptions.

1. Front Gate
In the front of the fort stand two broad, iron-bound wooden doors. They are mostly ornamental, seeing as how longboats coming to the fort actually land in the main courtyard (see below). The exception is non-elven visitors, who are required to land outside of the fort and approach it on foot.

2. Towers
Each of these structures rises above the surrounding fort, providing a position from which guards can watch their environs and fire on enemies if necessary. There is also a privy located in the base of each tower (not pictured).

3. Courtyard
The middle of this area is dominated by a reservoir, one that provides a landing space for incoming longboats. Sixteen mooring posts are positioned for tying up these vessels. While it might seem strategically disadvantageous that this area is open to the sky above, the truth is that ships in orbit provide all of the defense that the fort needs.

4. Barracks
Beds line the walls of this room; there are also tables and chairs for off-duty soldiers. Each elf also has a footlocker, kept under his or her bed.

5. Storage
The walls of this room are line with shelves, and three sets of storage units occupy the middle of the chamber. In it one can find all of the merchandise being transported through the fort, including foodstuffs and other cargo.

6. Mess Hall
Tables and chairs fill this room, providing a place to share meals and recreation for off-duty elves. In the wall opposite the entrance is a door leading to the kitchen (see below).

7. Kitchen
Cooking fires are positioned against the outside wall of this room; the middle is occupied by preparation tables, while barrels of water and wine stand in the outside corner.

8. Meeting Room
A broad conference table is the dominant feature of this room, surrounded by tall wooden chairs. In the wall opposite the entrance is a door leading to the officers' quarters (see below).

9. Officers' Quarters
Four officers staff the base at all times, all captains. Each has a bed, a footlocker, a wardrobe and a writing desk. In the angle of the wall opposite the door stands a statue of a famous elven admiral.

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