Friday, September 16, 2022

Trailer and Release Date for National Treasure: Edge of History

It seems that the final trailer was released, and the release date for the series announced, at D23 over the weekend. Here are my thoughts.

  • It's cool to see more of Harvey Keitel's character, Peter Sadusky. I always suspected that he knew more than what he was telling.

  • The reference to “daughters of the plumed serpent,” spoken by the character played by Catherine Zeta-Jones, seems to imply to the Mesoamerican mythical figure Quetzalcoatl.

  • It also seems that the late father of the main character—Jess Valenzuela, played by Lisette Olivera—will play an important part in the story.

  • Indeed, later footage implies that Sadusky knew Jess's dad.

  • It looks like we might see a full-on treasure room, possibly filled with items found by Benjamin Franklin Gates (played, of course, by Nic Cage in the movies).

  • Finally, the two-episode premiere is scheduled for Wednesday, December 14th. If the suggestion of 10 episodes from is accurate, then it should run until February 8th.

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