Thursday, December 16, 2021

Reading Again--The Sixth Gun: Bound

 Here's my reflection on the third arc of this series. 


Bound 12-17

This story arc ran for six issues, published from June to November of 2011. Here are my impressions:

  • One of the opening scenes, with the displayed coffins of convicted and executed criminals, really helps to set the scene.

  • We meet the Mystery Mummy, a character who was already foreshadowed earlier in the series. He even receives a whole issue for his back story.

  • The attack by bandits against a train definitely checks one of the “What Do I Need to See in a Western Adventure” boxes.

  • This arc definitely showcases how interesting many of the characters are. We can have separate, parallel stories for Becky and Gord, and Drake is missing, and it's great.

  • Along that line, the two elements of the Sixth Gun (for Becky) and a haunted house (for Gord) allow for some really intriguing moments in which those characters meet others who are long gone, and even themselves.

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