Saturday, January 18, 2014

First Episode of Black Sails Online?

For those who've been anticipating the new Starz series Black Sails, it seems that the first episode is available online. I've been attempting to watch it, but I receive an error message after a few minutes of watching. I'm going to keep trying.


Black Sails

My second effort has proven successful. This time I went to the website directly (instead of via the Facebook link) and watched the first episode. Here are some thoughts.

1. The episode started well, with a pirate attack on a merchant vessel. I don't want to give away any important details, but beginning with this kind of action was a great way to capture interest.

2. This show is pretty. When I watch TV, I want to see things that are different from the real world in the here and now. This show delivers that in spades, with gorgeous landscapes and backdrops and characters that conjure the world of 1715.

3. This show is R-rated. (To be more precise, it is TV MA.) I'm not accustomed to shows that can be so direct about sex and violence, and this show has plenty of both.

4. These characters aren't heroes. They are pirates. They are motivated by profit and pleasure, which is realistic. That makes it a bit hard to stomach at times, but it's fun watching.

5. There's plenty of drama, most of which is only introduced and remains unresolved. Naturally, I'm eager to see what happens next.

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  1. So what do you think of the series so far?
    I was hoping for more (piraty) action. So far it has been mostly talking and intrige and the like. I hope they get to sea soon and start doing the pirate-stuff, but I guess that is quite expensive, fx wise.