Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Yacumama

Today's post is an addendum to a previous one that provided stats for the deadly sea serpent. This post provides supplemental stats for a monster known as the yacumama, along with a new magical item tied to this mythical monster.


Variant: The Yacumama (CR +1)
Legend has it that a great serpent lives in the waters at the mouth of the Amazon River, preying upon victims who travel in the area. In addition to having all of the abilities of a sea serpent, this monster also possesses three even deadlier attacks, along with an Intelligence score of 3. It also has a weakness, however, one that knowledgeable characters can use to avoid it.

Conch Infatuation
The natives who live in the vicinity of the Amazon River maintain that one can blow upon a conch shell, and that the resulting sound forces the yacumama to reveal itself; this is partly true. The person blowing must make a Perform: wind instruments check, opposed by the creature's own Will save. Success for the musician means that the yacumama reveals itself, perhaps allowing others to avoid it.

As a standard action, the yacumama can inhale a large quantity of water, drawing a targeted swimming victim into its mouth. When doing so, the creature makes a Strength check, opposed by the victim's own Swim check. If the yacumama succeeds, it can then make a free bite attack against that creature. (This also sets up the victim to be swallowed whole, as detailed below.)

Swallow Whole
This ability functions in the same manner as detailed in the Monster Manual, page 315.

Water Spout
Just as the yacumama can inhale large quantities of water to draw victims toward itself, it can also spew the water in a jetting stream—a line five feet wide and 60 feet long—as a ranged touch attack. Success causes 1d8+5 damage, and forces the target to make a DC 18 Fortitude save or be knocked prone by the attack.

New Magical Item: The Yacumama Conch
Depending on who's telling the story, this item may have been created by the Amazons themselves, by the natives who live near that river, or even by the onijegi. It is a large and elaborate conch shell, inscribed with faint magical runes. The one who plays it, in addition to forcing the yacumama to reveal itself, can also affect it as if by a charm monster spell. Should the creature fail its Will save, it obeys the commands of the wielder to the best of its limited intelligence. Just like with the spell, however, it is occasionally allowed new saving throws to shake off the influence of the spell.

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